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Connection and Transformation

Connection and Transformation


There are times when we are so entrenched in our minds, or so stressed, that we cannot see the wood for the trees. A treatment helps you re-centre, reconnect with your body and your inner knowing, your intuition. It is balancing and calming.


Transformation work is a powerful way to receive support at a time when life is taking you in a new direction. If, during our consultation, we identify that nurturing support would help you best, then your treatment will concentrate on soothing your mind and body during a period of transition. If we identify a strong desire for things to change, then the treatment will favour deep release, helping you to let go of blockages, obsolete life patterns and stale emotions. Once the old is dissolved, new energy can replace it.

Transformation may happen during any session using any form of bodywork – you may just want to receive a nurturing treatment, during the course of which your body and mind decide to let go of old blockages that are no longer needed. Transformation cannot be forced – it is truly the person receiving the treatment that does the letting go, when they are ready. The combined effect of nurture and deep relaxation that all BodyTime treatments provide encourages you to feel safe, empowering you to fully let go.

Connection and transformation work are usually carried out with Localised Cryostimulation followed by the corresponding massage.

AuraTransformation™ is a structural energetic transformation. It is a single and permanent treatment which brings about a radical consciousness upgrade. It is also a powerful tool to help you make changes in your life. Read more about AuraTransformation here.