A new way towards a pain-free and balanced life

Joelle Le Feuvre's portrait

I am here to support people from all walks of life who suffer with pain, injuries, or chronic health issues, whether physical or mental, or both.
People who want to establish or restore the foundations of healthy, balanced and happy living;
people in need of radical, transformative sessions, as well as those who continue to have regular sessions to maintain their wellbeing.

I’m a professional massage therapist and energy worker with over 15 years experience, and qualifications that span the touch therapy spectrum: Sports Massage level 4, No Hands Massage, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, and tranformative energy healing. After experiencing the shere power of cryotherapy (Localised Cryostimulation), I added it to my treatments in 2018.

I work holistically towards a set outcome established during a consultation, and use the whole range of my techniques and arts, depending on my clients’ preferences and their desired results.

Wherever you are in your life journey, I’m here to support your progress and help you thrive.

How it works

If you feel less than 100%, the chances are you also feel upset, angry and frustrated that you’re missing out on the happy side of life. And understandably so. These emotions are adding to the stress your body is already experiencing, and inscribes itself as ‘ambient trauma’ in the brain. We now also know that negative mindsets tend to breed negative events and situations in life.

At BodyTime, I take all this into account. Whilst working directly on reducing your ailment, I also use a somatic approach in most treatments. That is, I use Localised Cryostimulation to trigger a deep, lasting healing response in the body; and I use touch to calm the parasympathetic nervous system and maximise your own ability to heal.
The combination of these two methods is extremely powerful. It works deep, fast, and reduces the number of sessions needed. My clients can then move onto a maintenance schedule, to keep at their peak.

Each treatment is personalised according to your individual needs and desired outcomes.

What my clients say…

Joelle has amazing positive energy and spirit.
I call her the Magician…
( February 2020 )

Always works wonders on my bad back. Keeps me going. Really relaxing.
( October 2018 )

The cryo treatment has really helped to heal my gut.
( January 2020 )

Happy cyclist

This is not a time to dither.
Do whatever it takes to affirm your joyful existence.

Localised Cryostimulation

Localised Cryostimulation is a powerful treatment that triggers a healing response in the body through the gentle application of extreme cold temperatures.
… Extreme cold?!

Yes! The treatment is safe, natural and pain-free. It is more effective than massage alone because it penetrates deeper and stimulates the brain and nervous system in a way touch alone can’t achieve. It’s this stimulation that triggers the healing process.
Isn’t cryo a vat full of nitrogen to freeze dead bodies?
Sorry to disappoint you, but no.
Cryo at BodyTime is short for Localised Cryostimulation.
Localised cryostimulation is a gentle treatment where nitrogen vapour is directed at a small part of the body through a nozzle. It is therefore safer than full-body cryo in a “cryo sauna”, like you might have seen on social media. It is also more adapted to many conditions, carries hardly any contraindications, and is quite comfortable.
Why add massage after localised cryostimulation?
Not all cryo treatments are followed by massage. When it is, following a cryo with deep and soft massage has the effect of supercharging the treatment, making it a potent revitalising, rejuvenating and relaxing therapy.
Really, can you relax with cryo?
Yes, the body learns very rapidly to relax during a cryo. The brain releases more endorphins than with massage, making you feel very relaxed, often with a sense of deep wellbeing.
To enhance this effect, cryo can be followed by a deep relaxation massage.
So what is it good for?
An ever-growing body of research demonstrates it is potent in promoting healing for a wide range of uses:
Recovery, prevention, treatment of recent and chronic injuries.
Pain relief
Back pain, sciatica, arthritis and all inflammatory conditions, damage to the nervous system.
Chronic health problems
Support and reduction in symptoms for
MS, ME, and fibromyalgia
Auto-immune and digestive disorders
Balancing and calming effect for personality disorders and depression.
Wellbeing and stress management
Promotes hormonal balance.
Reduction of stress-related disorders, prevention of illness, building up immunity.
Relief for anxiety and insomnia.
Skin care
Reduction in acne. Holistic skin treatment and facials.

Localised cryostimulation had till now remained a treatment mainly reserved to elite sports people. However it is so effective as an anti-inflammatory, rejuvenating and relaxing treatment that it is rapidly gaining ground with everyone, sporty or not.
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A cryo in time saves nine…

Guy stretching

Early treatment means a faster recovery and less money spent in the long run. It means less discomfort, less painkillers ingested, less time wasted. Less bad days at work, less bad nights shuffling around, less sport sessions and fun missed out.
Prevention and early treatments lead to a readiness to seize that opportunity, achieve that dream, and reap reward and accolade.
Early treatment means a happier life.

Sports Massage the Holistic Way

Happy runners

A holistic cryo and sports massage treatment targets a specific problem whilst taking the whole person into consideration. It is not only a question of repairing or stretching tissues, but also about making the sports person stronger and more focused, so they can maintain better control of their body and movements.

By working holistically on a sport injury, a chronic strain or ailment, it is possible to

  • reverse the harm caused by the injury or ailment
  • provoke a powerful whole-body healing response
  • balance body and mind to further the healing process between treatments
  • help prevent injury in the long term.

Holistic sports massage is excellent for prevention and recovery.
Does holistic sports massage involve cryo?
At BodyTime it does. Localised cryostimulation stimulates the central nervous system and triggers a holistic healing response.
Does holistic sports massage involve a full body massage?
No. Massage is performed to correct the injury / ailment and its consequences on the whole body, for instance a postural imbalance, headaches etc.
Is holistic sports massage like a gentle spa massage?
Definitely not! It involves what is needed, from very deep to more subtle, depending on the very specific needs and desired outcome of each client in each session.
Is holistic sports massage the same as fascia work, like Rolfing?
Fascia work is involved but not exclusively. I work all soft tissues, and with cryo, on the whole body’s physiology.
Does holistic sports massage hurt?
Usually not. There are some rare instances where I do use deep tissue techniques which will feel tender. However, I will not use “no pain no gain” techniques unless there is a real call for it and you have given me explicit consent.
What’s wrong with “no pain no gain”?
There are some purposes for deep tissue massage. In my opinion its use is best limited to very specific procedures. In most cases more can be achieved by working subtly, especially when applying deep pressure. Don’t forget cryo works very deep, without any pain, reducing the need for mechanical pressure.

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Deep Relaxation…
is important

Woman in Deep Relaxation

Either as part of a pain relief or holistic sports massage, or as a full treatment, deep relaxation allows the body to beging the repair work. Deep relaxation is an important part of restoring the nervous system, and effective in healing trauma.

Deep relaxation treatments are specifically designed to still your mind and help your body let go completely. They take you to a pleasant another-worldly place, as well as address physical tension and malfunctions.

When plunged into a state of deep relaxation, body and mind rest deeply. This allows your body to fall back to its natural predisposition for balance and harmony, and repair itself.

People emerge from such session calm and soothed in body and mind, and with a renewed spiritual connection.
Such treatments are therefore transformative not only on the physical and mental level, but can also change lives.

What kind of massage is used for Deep Relaxation?
Deep Relaxation Cryo plus Massage (45 mins treatment)
Deep Relaxation Massage (1hr treatment)
Lomi Lomi Nui (Hawaiian shamanic bodywork, 1hr 15mins)
How can a cold Cryo be deeply relaxing?
Having a cryo first has the advantages of initiating a fast and profound healing response of the central nervous system, which can’t be replicated otherwise, and causing a big release of endorphins to trigger relaxation. Also the contrast in the sensations tends to switch the mind off.
When followed by a deep relaxation massage, the relaxing effect of the cryo is vastly amplified by soothing human touch.

How is deep relaxation different from running, or relaxing in front of the TV?
When running, the body and to some extent the mind are still engaged in the activity. When watching TV, the mind is. Even a small amount of activity in the mind prevents the body from truly relaxing – even dreaming does. This is because any mind activity gives rise to thoughts and emotions, which alter the body’s chemistry, even subtly, overriding the body’s self-balancing action.
The aim of deep relaxation massage is to switch off the mind as much as is possible, to allow the body to repair itself from the cellular level up without any interference.
I thought it was ‘no pain no gain’?
There are some purposes for deep tissue massage. In my opinion its use is best limited to very specific procedures. In most cases more can be achieved by working subtly, especially when applying deep pressure. Don’t forget cryo works very deep, without any pain, reducing the need for mechanical pressure.
What is deep relaxation massage good for?
Deep relaxation treatments allow both mind body to have a profound rest – often more profound than during sleep. It allows the nervous system, which controls every function in the body, to repair and rejuvenate itself.
So you can say that deep relaxation is good for everything!

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