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Testimonials and Reviews

Testimonials and Reviews

The best treatments in years

I’ve known Joëlle for a few months now and I’ve been utterly won over by her know-how and sensitivity when it comes to treating a person. Whether you see her for a therapeutic massage or a cryo-stimulation treatment, she always knows intuitively what to do to make you feel better. Cryo-stimulation was a new thing for me and it helped me greatly after a knee injury. Combined with a no-hand massage afterwards, I felt rejuvenated and back to my old self after just 3 treatments.
I couldn’t recommend Joëlle more. She’s a truly beautiful person inside and out and her holistic approach definitely works for me.


10 years younger

I have been lucky enough to have been Joelles client for some time. I wouldn’t go any where else.
From the moment I walk in Joelle puts you at ease. I feel all the stresses and tensions of life falling away just sitting chatting on her couch.
The massage is out of this world, my brain just shuts down and I feel in a state of bliss. Joelle seems to have a sixth sense as to which areas need the extra work and when to just lightly sooth.
I get out of my car with a grunt and groan thanks to my bad back and return climbing back in feeling ten years younger.
I used to have bad back spasms which laid me up, no longer.
A lovely lady with an amazing talent.