Repairing the Gut with Cryostimulation

Joelle, Claire and Anita

This picture came up on FB memories recently. That’s me on the left. I had forgotten how thin I was then..!

At the time the picture was taken I weighed around 56kg. A year before, I had had a sudden drop of 10kg in 6 weeks, from a size 14 to a size 10. But I remained healthy-ish, or rather, nothing had changed in my health, although I’d had issues for some time.

I’m going to cut a very long story really short.
It took several years to work out that I had a compromised gut and immune system for a long time, and a year before this picture, one more antibiotic most likely caused this dramatic weight loss (though the NHS might dispute that).
I didn’t have tummy ache, and couldn’t feel intolerances for certain foods, so it wasn’t obvious. But I knew there was something wrong as I kept having other unexplained symptoms, and consulted with many practitioners including the NHS. I made only very small progress with any of them. But little by little I gained an understanding of the problem, and learnt to manage it.

I really wanted to put weight on, but found it impossible. I also really wanted to get healthier, but despite all efforts, I still had flares.

Until… I discovered Localised Cryostimulation

I had 8 sessions of localised cryostimulation on my abdomen, one per week.
By the end of the course, I could have kombucha (fermented tea probiotic), and gradually built up the amount from a teaspoon to half a cup. Simultaneously all other symptoms lessened in gravity and frequency, and most impressively, my health continued to improve long after the end of the course.

Two and a half years later, I am back at my normal weight, if not a little over. I still have to be careful with certain foods, but nothing much happens if I treat myself to a croissant… (or 2… except I will put on weight!)

That’s why I practise Localised Cryostimulation and CryoMassage now. I knew I’d found something so uniquely effective, natural and gentle, that I had to pursue it.

Thank you to Sharon Lomax who introduced me to cryo, and all my cryo colleagues for their amazing work!

Localised Cryostimulation on the abdomen. The red light is a laser guide, picked up by the nitrogen vapour trail. The vapour is the active part. The treatment lasts between 4 and 6 minutes, is safe and comfortable, and generates a sensation of calm and happiness.