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Anti-Stress Deep Relaxation and Nurture

Anti-Stress Deep Relaxation and Nurture

Stress-less wherever you go
Stress-less wherever you go

Imagine going to work in a relaxed state of mind, enjoying whatever weather the universe throws at you, and breathing freely in the midst of all the commotion… This is actually possible when you manage your stress levels and take action to stay on top of it all!

In our stressful life, relaxation is absolutely necessary.

Nurture is an essential part of life, and is central to the human experience. Nurturing touch has been demonstrated to stimulate baby development, but as we grow older, touch can become a more infrequent occurrence, and we become touch deficient. This is when a regular BodyTime treatment comes in to help you maintain a stress-free buoyancy.

Deep Relaxation using Localised Cryostimulation

Localised Cryostimulation is used on its own or prior to a nurture massage for in-depth relaxation. Cryo triggers a great release of endorphins, which calm the body down, and create a feeling of wellbeing. Cryostimulation also causes the blood vessels to first constrict and then dilate, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the body, and evacuate more toxins than massage alone. This enables tissues to relax deeply and is excellent to dissolve stress. With an added deep, soft massage, the treatment is turbocharged, and you will literally feel like mush and tension-free!

Cryo is well suited to people who are particularly sensitive. It “goes deep” without putting pressure on the body or physically moving tissues, which makes it ideal for nurture treatments for people with a delicate constitution (fibromyalgia, immune system related problems etc), especially when followed with repletion touch, a barely-touching form of massage.

Deep Relaxation using Lomi Lomi Nui

A lomi lomi usually includes long flowing strokes from shoulder to foot, deep tissue, moving the body and energy work. More often than not, two parts of the body are worked at the same time, which has the effect of switching off the brain. Lomi Lomi Nui feels other-worldly, sensual, embracing. Clients report different experiences during the treatment, from feeling completely relaxed and drifting, to seeing lights and feeling waves wash through their bodies.

BodyTime Nurture

Coming to BodyTime for a nurture treatment on a regular basis fulfils your primal need for human touch, as well as being excellent for relaxation. BodyTime massages are intensive and immersive touch experiences. As a therapist with advanced qualifications, I have learned to sense the quality and intensity of touch needed in each moment, to focus and deliver exactly what the body needs, and to maintain this focus for long periods of time. This is what makes a BodyTime treatment so nurturing and healing.

With genuinely nurturing connection, physiological changes bring about deep relaxation. During their treatments, my clients have reported experiencing a deep sense of inner peace, floating sensations, seeing lights and feeling a warm, sweet energy travelling up and down their bodies. If you normally find it difficult to relax, I can guide you to help you to fully let go.