NoHands® Massage

Conceived and developed by UK therapist Gerry Pyves after 20 years of clinical testing, No Hands® is like no other massage. As its name implies, No Hands is a move away from kneading with fingers and fists. Instead, the therapist uses their full body weight to deliver a systemic treatment.

It is a completely new approach to massage, and when introduced helped revolutionise the way massage is practised and received, reshaping the way the therapist stands and moves to deliver a massage that is both deep and powerful and yet gentle and safe for both client and practitioner. No Hands is all about the quality of touch, and delivers great results without ever causing pain.

You will remain in control throughout the massage, and with support and guidance from a sensitive practitioner, you will learn how to relax more deeply with each session. No Hands is therefore particularly suitable for a course of treatments, as it lends itself so well to ‘touch accumulation’; by harnessing muscle memory, each subsequent treatment builds upon the foundation laid in the previous session, deepening its effect exponentially.

No Hands can be used for a wide range of outcomes from subtle regenerative treatment to deep structural work. At all times, No Hands feels nurturing, caring and deeply relaxing and is enlivening and rejuvenating. Which approach best suits you can be agreed upon during our initial consultation, and developed and customised throughout your course of treatments.

I first trained in No Hands massage in 2012, returning regularly to expand my understanding and as an Advanced Practitioner, today it forms the back bone of all of my practices. Given its simplicity, I marvel at how effective it is, exemplifying the adage ‘less is more’. It is a great privilege for me to introduce clients to No Hands massage, and I practise it with focus and loving care, with the clear intention to guide my client to their desired outcome.

I am a member of the No Hands Massage Association.