My AuraTransformation Story

Growing from Spirit Outwardly

It’s now 5 years since I’ve had my AuraTransformation, in summer 2014.
This is my personal experience of taking this leap of faith. I say leap of faith, because my heart instantly knew this was the way to go, yet my mind was doubtful. I struggled with the book Balance on All Levels, which is a required reading to receive an AuraTransformation. I was trying to read it with an objective, questioning mind. But this book isn’t written as a scientific report that demonstrates the validity of AuraTransformation. It’s rather a printed flow of consciousness, which completely eluded me for a long time. Perhaps it was the way I was brought up. Look at things logically, as much as possible. Trust only when it makes sense. Look into it again and again before making a decision. Prudence…

Me age 5
Late 60s

As a child, I was super sensitive. Loud noises such as roadwork compressors’ roars upset me. The feeling of clothes irritated me. The world could be too much. At the same time, I was very much loved, encouraged, supported and quite inquisitive, loved nature and specially water. I remained shy with people, and kept my distance as much as politeness allowed it.
At the same time, I was doing my very best to please and feel an approval that was so necessary. I would drink it like nectar, an invisible sustaining substance. So things were confusing.
I was often sick, throat and ear infections, every childhood disease going, colds and flu.

Anyway, one day I was grown up and none of that mattered anymore, or so I thought. I still didn’t quite feel I belonged here, with people, or even on the planet, but had built a friendly, assertive personality to get by.
I started meditation at the age of 20, and that brought immense relief. But whilst it delivered calm, it didn’t offer a solution to my unease for very long.

Early 90s
Not feeling too good…

Besides feeling slightly off cue at times and often vulnerable, I started to fall into the same patterns over and over again.
Sudden loss of connection with people close to me, and loss of homes. It seemed fated almost. Loss of jobs.
And despite gaining recognition for my college and university studies, I just couldn’t do well out in the real world. I’d retreated so deep into myself that I missed out on most opportunities. I had become invisible, for safety’s sake.


At times things got tough. I suffered from depression for a long time, and repeatedly, though I refused to seek allopathic help (and medicate). I always sought the light, tried things out, thinking there must be, there HAS TO BE, something out there, a solution, a way out. I subjected myself (and sometimes close friends) to intense scrutiny and merciless experimentation, in the mental and emotional realms, through energy and touch – that’s how I learned massage initially.

So, when debating whether to have an AuraTransformation or not, in the end, my heart won, as it always had. I received my treatment from Sarah Jennings, who is now International Aura Mediator Instructor.

Immediately, I knew something had changed.
The treatment itself had been so profound, so beautiful, healing and joyful. It took me a couple of days to realise that the nagging, threatening voice that constantly criticised me, had vanished.
I was surprised, when I caught myself doing some dance exercise in the garden, with no feeling of being dangerously observed and negatively judged! That was a first.


As the months went by, I started to grow into my more relaxed self, taking pleasure in things, in life, in the freedom of not shrinking in constant shyness and low self-esteem. I wrote in my first testimonial:

After the Transformation, it feels completely natural to be embarrassment-free, shyness-free. When I stray into old patterns, all I need to do is think of AT, and this new reality sweeps me over to a comforting and powerful, happy strength. 

This new, happier, calmer and truer version of me started to shine. I could relax, breathe better. I wasn’t constantly triggered or feeling overwhelmed anymore, “invaded”.
I gradually changed the way I worked to suit me better, and priveleged my growth.
I had no longer suffered from depression when I had my AT (this is one of the prerequisites), but I still had episodes of feeling exhausted and low. In the last years my health had deteriorated. After my AT, I started to have more energy, still experiencing highs and lows, but the lows were not quite so low anymore, and the highs were higher and calmer. Gradually I found solutions to improve my long-term physical health problems.

Looking back, I can see that the two main components of AuraTransformation were
– landing in my body, fully and uncompromisingly, and
– being equiped with strong boundaries that allowed me to live without fear of overwhelm or percieved threats.

In my case, everything happened and still happens gradually: there were no massive healing crises or shake up. (This is not true for everyone. Some people grow and change very rapidly and experience sudden changes around them).
I was a little frustrated by this slow evolution, but realised that was actually what I needed for a change! And learnt to have more realistic expectations.

Two years later, in 2016, I was so impressed by the changes in my life that I trained to become an Aura Mediator. The upgrade, the joy I felt, were immense. I loved sharing this beautiful modality with others, but I didn’t feel quite ready yet to go all out with AuraTransformation, so held back a little to give myself a chance to acclimatise and integrate.


Although it brings about instant benefits, AuraTransformation is a tool. It takes perseverance, after the initial uplift, to integrate the new Spirit energy, and to live one’s own truth; to learn and adapt to what it means, practically, to live in the New Time, at higher frequency.

Like most, I just let myself enjoy the first few honeymoon improvements and often forgot to actively explore my new energy or take care of it by respecting basic energy hygiene. So I plateaued. Which was ok.
I did the same when I upgraded to become and Aura Mediator. I initially flourished beautifully, and as I enjoyed my new state, I stayed in my comfort zone. I soon let ‘energy things’ happen quietly in the background. Which was ok too.

However, a couple of years on, I started to get bored with and frustrated at my slowing progress. I went for a balancing (a top-up session). It was then that I really understood and took on board the endless potential for joyful living offered by AuraTransformation. The true magnificence of this gift.
I started taking a lot more care of my energy by practising simple daily energetic hygiene, and generally became more mindful of my energy, other energies, personal exchanges and boundaries.


Whilst AuraTransformation did “work” by itself, in the background, these few simple steps and checks made a huge difference. It opened a whole new world and exponential growth area.
On a personal level, my awareness of energetic boundaries allowed me to distinguish who the true me is even as I am more perceptive and can sense other energies more strongly. It made me feel safe, more able to engage in the world as I allow my inner self to shine less guardely. I also noted more serendipity, synchronicity.
On a practical level, it contributed to expanding abundance and right living in my life:


I started exploring life on Earth further by venturing into new leisure pursuits, making new friends.

I became more understanding and aware of my body, building up physical and mental strength. As more energy flows in, my body appears to be relinquishing the inprints of trauma and ancestral inheritance, and repairing.
I engage deeper into my work. However, I also get frustrated if I don’t get enough creative and dreaming time. I still need to work out the balance.
I also feel my protection getting stronger, whilst I’m becoming more perceptive on sensory and extra-sensory levels.

For me, the icing on the cake of AuraTransformation is that it never ceases to support, and challenge, my growth and evolution. It’s exponential. The more I grow, the more active it becomes. It just gets better all the time!

As we are precipitated through major transitions and universal energetic shifts, I really appreciate the safe haven of the new, strong Crystal aura brought to me by Anni Sennov’s AuraTransformation. I am grateful for the support, grounding, and expanding growing room it gives me.

At last, I have arrived here on Earth, and feel I belong here – and I love it. Thank you Anni.