Localised Cryostimulation

Localised Cryostimulation is a natural and powerful treatment that triggers a healing response in the body through the gentle application of extreme cold temperatures.

Recovery, prevention, treatment of recent and chronic injuries.
Pain relief
Back pain, sciatica, arthritis and all inflammatory conditions, damage to the nervous system.
Chronic health problems
Support and reduction in symptoms for
MS, ME, and fibromyalgia
Auto-immune and digestive disorders
Balancing and calming effect for personality disorders and depression.
Wellbeing and stress management
Promotes hormonal balance.
Reduction of stress-related disorders, prevention of illness, building up immunity.
Relief for anxiety and insomnia.
Skin care
Reduction in acne. Holistic skin treatment and facials.

Cryo Treatments at Bodytime

Cryostimulation on a small area of the body is used for reducing pain, to speed up recovery after an injury and for treating specific problems that affect that area.

Cryostimulation on the spine targets the central nervous system and is used as a systemic treatment (ie to treats the whole body) and holistically, to treat the whole person. It is best followed by a back massage as these treatments magnify each other’s effect.

Cryostimulation on the abdomen is effective to treat digestive issues and boost the immune system. It is calming and soothing. It can be followed by colon deep tissue massage or by a soft soothing massage for an extra detoxing effect.

Cryo facial is wonderful to remove traces of fatigue, to tone and revitalise the skin. It can be used to treat headaches and for local problems. It feels good on its own or can be followed by a short moisturising face massage.

Cryostimulation plus Massage

Localised Cryostimulation is even more potent when it is followed by a massage. Depending on the desired outcome, this massage can be powerful, gentle, light, weighty, nurturing… always safe and deep acting – usually using Cryo No Hands Massage, and Sports Massage techniques.
The combination of Localised Cryostimulation and massage has the effect of supercharging the treatment, making it a potent revitalising, rejuvenating and relaxing therapy. This combined treatment is relaxing and energising, and is indicated to alleviate a condition, and as a preventative wellbeing treatment. The calming sensation of warm oil and touch compliment the cool energising feel of the cryo wonderfully.