Is cryo any good for pain?

Yes! Pain is caused by inflammation. Cryo is the most effective treatment I have found to treat inflammation, and rejuvenate the tissues concerned.
Cryostimulation is also a powerful, entirely natural painkiller: the cold numbs the pain, and the extreme cold stimulates the nervous system to trigger a potent release of endorphins.
The treatment continues to act for up to 6 hours after the treatment, continuously circulating the fluids in the area and regenerating tissues, promoting fast healing.

Is cryo safe?

Yes. The treatment is safe, because it is entirely natural and triggers the body’s own healing capabilities.

How many sessions will I need?

A course of treatment is always recommended as it takes the brain 2 or 3 sessions to “know” what to do when stimulated with cryo.
A full healing cycle is usually 8 to 12 sessions.
However, I have had people walk away healed after one session, and some who need regular treatments for many weeks to fully recover. With consistency and application, cryo works even in the most problematic cases, restoring health, rebuilding tissues, boosting the immune system and regulating hormones and mental states.

The number of treatments depends on the following factors:

  • the severity of the injury or ailment
  • how old the injury is
  • how much rest you take between sessions and/or how much you look after yourself
  • whether there is an emotional issue involved

What is cryo good for?

An ever-growing body of research demonstrates it is potent in promoting healing for a wide range of uses:
Recovery, prevention, treatment of recent and chronic injuries.
Pain relief
Back pain, sciatica, arthritis and all inflammatory conditions, damage to the nervous system.
Chronic health problems
Support and reduction in symptoms for
MS, ME, and fibromyalgia
Auto-immune and digestive disorders
Balancing and calming effect for personality disorders and depression.
Wellbeing and stress management
Promotes hormonal balance.
Reduction of stress-related disorders, prevention of illness, building up immunity.
Relief for anxiety and insomnia.
Skin care
Reduction in acne. Holistic skin treatment and facials.

How can you have deep relaxation with cryo?

Even if you are aware of the intensity of the cold, for the most part cryostimulation is a pleasant sensation. After the session, clients feel a sense of glowing wellbeing which can last all day, and in some cases longer.
Cryostimulation provokes a potent release of endorphins, which assist in relaxing body and mind. Followed by a deep relaxation warm oil massage, it really is bliss…