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Energy Work

Energy Work

Energy is the essence of the universe, and forms the ‘subtle backbone’ of our minds and bodies. Whilst all BodyTime treatments contain an element of energy work, some are designed to specifically work on energy alone.

Replenishing Treatment is a very gentle, supportive treatment that helps you reconnect with your body and recall its natural energy. It is ideal for recovering from exhaustion, for support during periods of illness, or for people with conditions that make them extremely sensitive to touch.

AuraTransformation™ is a unique, single treatment; a radical expansion of consciousness that brings about a permanent and irreversible change. Read more about AuraTransformation here.

As an experienced Aura Mediator trained by AuraTransformation Instructors, my energy is high frequency and self-contained. I will not channel anything into your field, only work with your own energy in a clean and detached way.