Kim Kardashian receiving a Cryofacial

So what is a Cryofacial?
A cryofacial treatment is the gentle blowing of nitrogen vapour on the face, side of neck and part of the scalp. This rapid cooling down of the skin and underlying tissues triggers a deep healing response. It causes an instant, rapid tightening of the skin: fine lines are smoothed, pores tightened, and it gives the skin a great glow.

There is nothing clinical about BodyTime Cryofacials. The cryostimulation part of the treatment takes 12 minutes within a 30 minutes super-relaxing session, including gentle warming touch with a moisturiser if desired, or a scalp  massage. Cryostimulation of the face is a holistic treatment. It acts deep and triggers a whole-body healing response in the brain. The session is carried out in such a way that the holistic aspect of the treatment is emphasised, leaving you deeply relaxed, and feeling great as well as glowing.

Does it hurt?
No. You will feel your face getting colder and tighter, and finally, a tingling sensation when stimulation occurs.

What is it good for?
Cryofacials are beneficial for rejuvenating and reviving the skin, skin problems like acne, as well as for headaches, facial muscle tension, and inflammatory conditions. Because of the high release of endorphins, a cryofacial also helps with general health and wellbeing, and in case of depression and sleep disorders.