Strong, grounded and connected

Joelle demonstrating a new start in 2020
AuraTransformation! I love it because it gave me enhanced…
Boundaries. With strong energetic boundaries, the world becomes a welcoming place, and action much easier.
Connection. With a deeper, clearer connection with people and all beings, I feel I belong at last.
Grounding. With living in my body, fully, I experience life in technicolor focus.
Life skills. AuraTransformation is a tool I use daily, that enables me to grow and evolve rapidly.

Do you feel….

… something is missing, and no amount of seeking fulfills you?
… you’re on the wrong planet and can’t relate or feel you belong?
… constantly tired, worn down, everything is too much?
… your energy slowly draining and your health deteriorating?
… as if under threat from a constantly nagging voice in your head?
… unable to ground and not completely in your body?
… you have poor boundaries with other people and can’t seem to do anything about it?
… overwhelmed by and oversensitive to other people’s energy?

These are common signs of a diminished and damaged aura, the protective energy field around your body.

Modern lifestyle, stress, trauma, bad habits and addictions, emotional shocks, even ancestral imprints all bring about a gradual deterioration of the protective part of the aura, the etheric layer.

Even though you do your very best to remedy to all these obstacles with diets, supplements, meditation, exercise… you may feel that the glass is only ever half full, and you don’t seem to make progress at all. Constantly working on it only to catch up.
It’s not that you’re just ageing; it’s more that you are living with a weakened energy field in a time of huge evolutionary change.

As we are going through these evolutionary leaps, children born today are equipped with a different aura, one that is more resilient and adapted to living in a higher vibration universe. Now adults can also acquire this level of protection and reach for higher frequency living.

AuraTransformation™ puts and end to energy leak and energetic overwhelm.

AuraTransformation is a one-to-one single treatment lasting around 4 to 4.5 hours over two sessions. It is done by touch, and so cannot take place remotely or spontaneously.

How does AuraTransformation™ work?

AuraTransformation draws fragmented energy back to the body and reorganises the structure of this energy into the Crystal Aura, in the middle on this illustration. It is in effect a major expansion in consciousness and can provoke profound life changes. As such, AuraTransformation is a tool for those who desire higher vibration living.

Indigo, Crystal and Golden Crystal auras
1. Indigo Aura, seen in people born between 1995 and 2004
2. Indigo became more and more crystalised. From 2009, people are born with a pure Crystal Aura.
3. From 2013, the Golden Crystal Aura.

What are the benefits of AuraTransformation™?

AuraTransformation delivers instant and lasting benefits, and used regularly as a tool, offers the potential and capacity to cultivate freedom. The benefits reported are

  • more clarity and focus, calm and patience
  • instant stop to the ‘white noise’ or nagging voice(s) in your head
  • strong energetic and emotional boundaries
  • personal radiance
  • ease when dealing with other people
  • a sense of belonging and being here on this planet
  • feeling of having landed in the body
  • renewed sense of purpose
  • personal and spiritual freedom
  • an urge to discard unwanted aspects of your life
  • feeling supported in new beginnings
  • better energy management and health
  • for empaths, clarity in what emotion is yours and what isn’t
  • for parents and people surrounded by children, huge improvement in relating to children and happier, calmer children
  • for active and sports people, inner strength and focus
  • for carers, ability to detach at the end of the day and rest

Effectively, it allows you to flourish as your pure, true, unique self. As you develop and mature, the energy you project is one of ease and authenticity, which attracts the same.

Anni Sennov, founder of AuraTransformation™
Anni Sennov is the founder of AuraTransformation™ and of the Aura Mediator Courses™ that are being held in different countries around the world.

Whom is AuraTransformation™ for?

AuraTransformation is for people born before the late nineties who welcome change and are looking for growth, even if it means working hard at it. Younger people can have a shorter treatment to strengthen and balance their auras.

AuraTransformation is not an instant fix. It requires patience as you learn to live in a world of new possibilities, shed destructive habits and discover what it means to live at a higher frequency.

How do you get an AuraTransformation™?

The first step towards getting an AuraTransformation is to do some research. Please read the information on the web site and watch the videos about AuraTranformation to get a feel for it.

Official AuraTransformation web site:
YouTube AuraTransformation channel:

You would also need to read Anni Sennov’s book, Balance on All Levels.

Please note that is a requirement that everyone who wishes to embark on this journey has read this book. All the information you need is contained within its pages. AuraTransformation cannot be reversed, so it is important to be well informed and make this choice wisely.
Candidates also need to be reasonably settled in life and free from any psychoactive substance for 6 months prior to their AuraTransformation.

The next step is to contact an Aura Mediator, either myself or an Aura Mediator you resonate with, and begin the great adventure!