AuraTransformation™ with Joelle Le Feuvre || BodyTime, Wirral



AuraTransformation™ is a single treatment in which all the loose strands of energy surrounding and permeating your body are gathered together and reorganised into a new, up-to-date structure. It is a radical expansion of consciousness that aligns you with the New Time Energy of the Earth. It brings about a permanent and irreversible change, in line with the current evolutionary shift witnessed in young people’s energy fields.

Because the influx of the New Time Energy is activated within your aura, AuraTransformation enables you to reclaim your power and embark on a major personal evolutionary journey. By opening up to and cultivating the influx of New Time Energy, you will become less troubled by challenges and naturally gravitate towards a lifestyle that supports you to create a deep inner balance.

AuraTransformation™ was founded and established in Denmark by Anni Sennov, and before beginning this powerful treatment it is a requirement that you read her book Balance On All Levels. Because of its power and intensity, AuraTransformation is intended for people who are relatively stable in their physical and mental health.

AuraTransformation was a complete revelation to me. After years of meditation, yoga and healing, it was the catalyst that enabled me to feel that I truly belonged on Earth in this body. Ceaseless critical mind chatter and feelings of insecurity subsided overnight. After receiving an AuraTransformation I was able to harness the power of the New Time Energy to balance myself and experience better synergy with universal currents. This unique method and its powerful, life-changing effect simply has to be experienced for yourself.

I am now a fully trained Aura Mediator™ and work closely with AuraTransformation certified instructors around the world. Further information can be found on the AuraTransformation official website, or get in touch with me via the contact page.