AT Testimonial

Carol’s Story

I first met Joelle 4 years ago at a difficult point in my life. 

My daughter was seriously ill and with 3 young children (including twins only 6 months old) I had given up my full time job to look after them all. 

I was run down, stressed and suffering a great deal of emotional pain. I saw Joelle recommended as a massage therapist and booked to see her. 

She was wonderful, just what I needed to support me and we became friends. 

Joelle told me about AT and I instantly knew it was for me. I trusted her and I followed my intuition, booking to have an AT with Joelle (around 3 years ago?). 

In the days after the AT I remember being in a shopping centre and feeling like my aura extended massively and filled the entire shopping centre around me. 

As with many transformative experiences though, it took time for the full effects to be felt.  It is a difficult thing to explain but slowly I started to feel stronger, more confident and less depressed. 

I became more positive and felt protected by my crystal aura and I had a definite sense of when the transformation was complete. 

My life has maintained a more positive aspect and I have not been depressed since. I gave up drinking alcohol nearly 2 years ago which was a major thing for me as it had been a crutch throughout my adult life.  Suddenly I felt able to cope without it anymore and I haven’t looked back. 

I continue to see Joelle for massage and AT balancing,  I can honestly say that my life has been transformed by this process.