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Aches, Pains & Injuries

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Aches, Pains & Injuries

Pain is a warning signal to the brain that an imbalance is present in the body. This could be due to a recent injury, prolonged tension, inflammation, the presence of scar tissue or an underlying medical condition. Often one problem leads to another, and the whole body-mind system becomes tense and out of balance. A consultation prior to the treatment will determine first of all whether there is a need for referral to a specialist. We will then establish our priorities for the session, so we can tailor your treatment for maximum benefit.

A wide range of approaches can be used at BodyTime to address these problems, depending on your complaint, history and preferences. Localised Cryostimulation is the treatment of choice for aches and pain or a fresh injury, either on its own or combined with a massage.

I can also work holistically or more locally, concentrating on the areas connected to any discomfort you may be experiencing. Some of my clients choose a mix of the two: a relaxing or nurturing massage for mind and body as a whole, with special emphasis on treating specific problems, with or without cryo.

In most cases you will notice a difference after one session, but it is usually necessary to take a course of treatments to address a problem fully. Thanks to body memory, subsequent treatments pick up where the last one left off, and effective healing can take place. I offer special packages for multiple sessions.