About BodyTime

BodyTime is a professional and fully insured Localised Cryostimulation and Massage Therapy service.
It is owned and ran by Joelle Le Feuvre, in a safe and welcoming business environment in Pacific Road, Birkenhead.

About Joelle

Joelle Le Feuvre's portrait

I am here to help and support people from all walks of life who suffer with pain, injuries, or chronic health issues – whether physical or mental, or both.
People who want to establish or restore the foundations of healthy, balanced and happy living; people in need of radical, transformative sessions, as well as those who continue to have regular sessions to maintain their wellbeing.

My work is dedicated to helping you reconnect with your own ability to heal, be it from a torn ligament, back pain, or happiness-limiting chronic conditions (like fibromyalgia). I’m here to help you regain your full power and feel liberated. I’m also here to support you in a journey of self-discovery should you wish me to. Either way, the idea is to overcome the limitation that presents itself now.

Because (just to remind you :)) when you’re in pain, you start to feel low and sometimes anxious, you easily become overwhelmed with problems you could normally solve, and disillusioned with life. You no longer achieve your best. You have to restrict your training. You lose that bike race. Work becomes hell because of your backache and your colleagues might frown thinking you’re making excuses. You’re irritable at home. Or worse, you can’t walk the corner shop without excruciating pain. Privately, you wonder if there will ever be a time when you function properly.

Physical and mental limitations are not only frustrating but also damaging. They can drag you down a spiral of disappointments, insecurity, and depression. In the end, you  miss out on life.

Since I started to give massage in 2002, I have trained with several different schools, amalgamating styles, scientific theory and philosophies with my own distilled life experience, to create a unique way of being of service to people. However, I still adhere to the fundamental and ethical principles of No Hands® Massage and Lomi Lomi.
BodyTime treatments are individually tailored to address your particular problem and help you reach your desired outcome.

I use Localised Cryostimulation because, besides its powerful rejuvenating and revitalising properties, it is a remarkable tool that works directly on the nervous system, without engaging the mind. In my opinion, cryo re-educates our bodies into healing, by-passing and disolving emotional blocks. (I look forward to science proving me right!)

I also use just the right kind of touch for you, from what you say to me, and intuitively. BodyTime treatments feel nurturing and harmonising, without feeling invasive. This touch helps you connect with your own healing energy.

Working together, you and I can get you back on the way to a happy, fulfilled life.

Thank you for your trust,



Swedish Massage (2006)

Indian Head Massage (2006)

Deep Tissue Massage (2011)

No Hands® Massage (to Advanced 2, 2012)

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Advanced (2012)

Lomi Lomi Nui (2016)


Sports Massage Level 4 (2017)

Localised Cryostimulation (2018)

Cryo No Hands® (2018)

Trauma and the NeuroScience of Touch seminars (2018 and 2019)

I became interested in holistic wellbeing through herbalism in my teens, and started practising yoga and meditation at a young age. I discovered various forms of bodywork and massage in my twenties, as a receiver.