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Following circumstances around restrictions put in place in January, I was compelled to change direction and BodyTime will not reopen for cryostimulation or massage.
I remain available for AuraTransformation.

Thank you to all who supported me and enjoyed my work. It was always a pleasure to work with you. You have inspired me in my healing/healer journey and I shall keep a bright memory of my time as a therapist, of my clients, my friends and colleagues and all our amazing sessions.

Please read all the info about cryo here and pay a visit to my gifted colleagues 🙂

Localised Cryostimulation on the spine
Localised Cryostimulation on the spine, a holistic treatment with huge health benefits

Pain relief
Injury treatment
Immunity and digestive problems
Stress and anxiety relief
Breathing difficulties

Joelle Le Feuvre's portrait

Welcome to BodyTime – Ways to Cope.

If you’ve suffered a setback I can help you restore the foundations of a healthy, balanced, and happy life.
My work is dedicated to helping you reconnect with your own ability to heal, and support you in your journey to overcome current limitations.

What my clients say…

Joelle has amazing positive energy and spirit.
I call her the Magician…
( February 2020 )

Always works wonders on my bad back. Keeps me going. Really relaxing.
( October 2018 )

The cryo treatment has really helped to heal my gut.
( January 2020 )

With Localised Cryostimulation, I can help you overcome

  • chronic pain
  • inflammation and inflammatory disorders
  • injuries on tissues and nervous system, strokes
  • digestive and immune problems
  • hormonal imbalances
  • COPD
  • stress and related issues
  • anxiety and depression

Localised cryostimulation has been shown to also help slow down or reverse complex imbalances such as fibromyalgia, and degenerative disorders such as MS.

Because it triggers a deep survival reflex in the brain, localised cryostimulation can be used to help establish new lifestyle patterns, as well as kickstart a profound healing response in the body.
Localised Cryostimulation is a scientific and medical treatment, yet it has profound spiritual and metaphysical implications: it reminds your body who you’re supposed to be, in your perfectly accomplished self.

This is not a time to dither.
Do whatever it takes to affirm your joyful existence.

What is Localised Cryostimulation?

Localised Cryostimulation is a powerful treatment that triggers a healing response in the body through the gentle application of extreme cold temperatures.
… Extreme cold?!

Yes! The treatment is safe, natural and pain-free. It is more effective than massage alone because it penetrates deeper and stimulates the brain and nervous system in a way touch alone can’t achieve. It’s this stimulation that triggers the healing process.
Isn’t cryo a vat full of nitrogen to freeze dead bodies?
Sorry to disappoint you, but no.
Cryo at BodyTime is short for Localised Cryostimulation.
Localised cryostimulation is a gentle treatment where nitrogen vapour is directed at a small part of the body through a nozzle. It is therefore safer than full-body cryo in a “cryo sauna”, like you might have seen on social media. It is also more adapted to many conditions, carries hardly any contraindications, and is quite comfortable.
Why add massage after localised cryostimulation?
Not all cryo treatments are followed by massage. When it is, following a cryo with deep and soft massage has the effect of supercharging the treatment, making it a potent revitalising, rejuvenating and relaxing therapy.
Really, can you relax with cryo?
Yes, the body learns very rapidly to relax during a cryo. The brain releases more endorphins than with massage, making you feel very relaxed, often with a sense of deep wellbeing.
To enhance this effect, cryo can be followed by a deep relaxation massage.
So what is it good for?
An ever-growing body of research demonstrates it is potent in promoting healing for a wide range of uses:
Recovery, prevention, treatment of recent and chronic injuries.
Pain relief
Back pain, sciatica, arthritis and all inflammatory conditions, damage to the nervous system.
Chronic health problems
Support and reduction in symptoms for
MS, ME, and fibromyalgia
Auto-immune and digestive disorders
Balancing and calming effect for personality disorders and depression.
Wellbeing and stress management
Promotes hormonal balance.
Reduction of stress-related disorders, prevention of illness, building up immunity.
Relief for anxiety and insomnia.
Skin care
Reduction in acne. Holistic skin treatment and facials.

Localised cryostimulation had till now remained a treatment mainly reserved to elite sports people. However it is so effective as an anti-inflammatory, rejuvenating and relaxing treatment that it is rapidly gaining ground with everyone, sporty or not.
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A cryo in time saves nine…

Happy cyclist

Early treatment means a faster recovery and less money spent in the long run. It means less discomfort, less painkillers ingested, less time wasted. Less bad days at work, less bad nights shuffling around, less sport sessions and fun missed out.
Prevention and early treatments lead to a readiness to seize that opportunity, achieve that dream, and reap reward and accolade.
Early treatment means a happier life.

Joelle demonstrating a new start in 2020